Monday, 8 June 2009

What a Weekend & I'm 'aving a Sale!!

I didn't get around to bloggin this weekend as it was non stop from start to finish!! It started with us trying to buy a car through Paypal and ended with us deciding we would have to sell a car!!

I had a day and a half on the phone to Paypal customer service this the way there is not much customer servicing that they can do as it turns out. I am still unable to log in to my account due to a page I was accessing being frozen on one of their servers needing one of their tech guys to kick me off.

Their tech guys are all in America so that helps alot!!!!

We managed to sort payment out another way and get the car on Saturday at 4pm with my partner then having to travel another hour to get a special birthday present for my brother in laws 30th the way we got him an acrobatic flying lesson, hope it doesn't get too sick :-) The party was that night so it was all very rushed.

Sunday was abit more sedate except for the hungover mess Sean was in. We took the dogs for a nice walk which ended when I fell down a ditch onto my bottom stinging my arm on nettles in the process. I must have looked a right state as being a bit on the front heavy side had to wait until Sean could help me up.

Anyway, enough about my weekend lets talk money off!! I am having a sale, woohoo....on my beloved Folksy to begin with. 20% off the item price on anything in my shop. This will run until 5pm this Sunday.

Most important thing of all though is to message me first so that I can change the amount as I cannot go into Paypal at the moment to refund any discount.

So you could get a lovely 20% of these.....

Or these...

or even these...

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