Thursday, 11 June 2009

Here's Something She Made Earlier

Recently I had a request from Oddsox over at Folksy for teeny tiny buttons in pairs. She bought loads, which was great ;-) and was such a lovely person to deal with. Well, I received an email from her the other day to tell me that she had listed some items in her shop that she had used my buttons on. They are so cute I wanted to show them on my blog.....and it just shows you what you can do with a smidge of imagination, a dash of talent and some gorgeous Here Pretty Kitty vintage buttons. As you can see I am not adverse to some shameless pluggin!!

So if you love what she makes, and believe me there are so many more cute items in her shop, or you want to have a go at making something with vintage buttons then pop over to our shops. I promise you a very friendly and pleasurable service from us both.


  1. What cute birdies, adorned, of course, with fabulous buttons. Will have a look at your stash as I'm currently casting vintage buttons and turning them into ceramic jewellery. I'm really pleased with the results and will be posting them on my blog once the sun starts shining and I can take pics