Monday, 29 June 2009

Hot Hot Hot

Phew, I am too hot!! With a 30 week pregnancy bump I am finding this heat unbearable.....any good tips out there?

This is a real quickie today as I haven't blogged since last week.

I got another award for my blog which I am over the moon about. It came from Innocence Jewellery, click me to get to her blog, so thanks very much. I am not going to do the 15 pass on's this time as I only just did some and it takes a Looooooongggg time.

And, I won another prize!!! And whilst typing this I realise that I haven't blogged about my previous prize! So tomorrow, I will blog more in depth about those with pictures and links as they came from 2 great shops. The 1st one came from Glassprimitif and the second one from Glitzykitty

Now I am off to flake on the sofa for mins in front of a fan.


  1. Hello from another one bump! I recommend feet in a bucket of cold water and vast tubs of ice cream :).

  2. (that should've read one with bump, sorry!)

  3. Yep I will second the feet in a bucket of cold water. Try running your wrists under the cold tap too as that will help cool you down.

  4. When I was pregnant & in bed at night, I used to get a flannel wringed in cold water & place it all over my bump & face & shoulders....aahh, it was bliss & though it didn't stay cold all night it was still cooler than the hot room x