Saturday, 20 June 2009

Ha Ha Ha Ha

Just a quickie tonight with no piccies.

I wanted to share a couple of things that I have found very amusing lately although you might find them cringworthy instead....but these tickled my fancy and made me laugh.

Firstly, my lovely partner has joined our very new village allotment association and in a recent meeting where they were talking about how to dish out the new plots, they decided the fairest way was to pick the plots out of a hat.......whereupon my partner chirps up " We could call it The Plottery"
He says he only got a few sympathy laughs, if I had been there I would have been on the floor laughing, guess that's why I am with him.

Next up I was reading a conversation on Facebook between my sisters talking about their rubbish day. One sister then says that she was going to go and drink alot of wine. My Cousin-in-sin as he likes to be called then added "be careful you don't catch Wine Flu"

And lastly, I just spotted a
Knitted Brown Beard on Folksy by a shop called Wife of Brian. Absolutely brilliant.


  1. snigger snigger - appeals to my sense of humour too x

  2. tee hee - love stuff like that! Last night my OH was trying to say I'll 'Google that' but came out with I'll 'Dougal that' - made me laugh out loud - I had an image of Dougal from the magic roundabout surfing the net!

  3. tee hee, well it made me laugh, and appeals to my sense of humour.

    love n light


  4. Oooh that would've made me laugh too!! Some people just don't appreciate humour xx

  5. Just came over here from The Other Mousie, loving the blog, this post made me giggle! It's just the stuff I like too!! x

  6. I am awarded!! thankyou so much x
    I accept it in 'theory' BUT :( my PC has lots of problems with bugs n stuff so i can't upload it but i love it!! thankyou.