Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Talulah Blue Wednesday Featuuuurrrreeee

Wednesday is here already!! And that means it's time to feature one of those fantastic folksy folk again. This week I am going a little risque with Talulahblue. I just wish I had the body to wear some of her beautiful items...oh yeah...and the courage.

1. Where do you get your inspiration?
My inspiration is largely from all things burlesque and historical figures, such as Marie Antoinette. I also love seaweed, pebbles and beach-finds.

2. Describe your work space?
I work from a spare bedroom, but spill over into the rest of the house, to the annoyance of Mr Tony!

3. When and Why did you start your crafting business?
My daughter began making pasties {nipple tassels} to sell and I thought, "what can I make to complement these?",
Also, I became computer literate enough, to sell online. I began just before Christmas 08, with faux fur wraps.

4. What is your most favourite item that you sell?
This h
as to be my cocktail hats. You just feel special and uplifted when you wear one.

5. Where else do you sell?
On my daughter's site on ebay and I've tried etsy.

6. Do you do craft fairs and do you think they are a good place to sell?
I'd like to try craft fairs next.

7. Describes your style in 3 words.
Eccentric, poetic, whimsical.

8. What are you working on at the moment?

I'm working on a peach bustle and obe belt, which we'll use as "props" for our model to wear in our bridal burlesque photo shoot.

9. What is the weirdest thing about you?
I become obsessed easily.

10. What 1 item would you like to buy from another Folksy seller?

Many things!! I've seen some glass vintage buttons that I keep thinking about.

11. Where is your most favourite place?
A cottage we visit in Cornwall. It's hidden in a woodland setting, with a stream running through th
e garden. Total isolation.

12. What is your favourite book?

Hideous Kinky, by Esther Freud.

13. What is your favourite film?
The Haunting, 1963 version, directed by Robert Wise.

14. What is your favourite song?

"Midnight at the Oasis", any version, including brand new heavies

15. If you could do anything for the day what would you do?
I'd be on a beach exploring rockpools, which I consider to be a worthy pastime!

16. You are a Superhero, what is your power?
ng into the future and of course flying.

Thanks very much for letting me feature you Talulahblue.

Don't forget I still have a sale on until this Sunday so now's a good time to stock up on those vintage buttons!


  1. Lovely interview!! mmmmm keep looking at your buttons :)

  2. Not sure how that happened but I didn't post comment on my own blog interview. Weird!!