Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Our VW Obsession

I was looking through some old photos the other day and realised that we had owned quite a few different VW's in our time, so I thought I would do a little montage to them all. As they were all very loved in one way or another.

First up with have Buster, the one that got away.......we miss you Buster!!

Then we had our bone shaker Beetle which someone prior to us had lowered so much it shook our bones when we went anywhere.

Next is our current van, she once was blue but now is yellow. Depending on which family member you speak to she is either called Buster2 or Rusty.

Our T25, what a van, another one terribly missed. The room for camping inside this one was fantastic. We changed the colour of this one too from white to truck yellow! I liked to call this one Smeg as it looked like a fridge.

These next two were bought for spares. However the pick up was a lovely van to drive. The purple one was undrivable!

So that's our VW obsession in pictures.


  1. JEALOUS!!! :0)

    I'd love to own a blue one just like the toy I had as a kid... eh... and still have actually!!

    Happy camping x

  2. I want a little VW Bug.
    Your obsession is funny :)

  3. Wow, you've owned loads! My hubby would love a VW. I understand the attachment. We used to have an ancient Landrover when I was growing up; so many happy memories!

  4. Soooo jealous!!! I've always ended up with sensible cars, never a car with character like those! I think Buster is my favourite xxx

  5. Love them! The names are priceless!

  6. Oh my goodness. We have just bought our first van - it's a bright yellow T25 called Bumble and we love it!! You can see piccies on my blog if you like :)

  7. Yay love it! Planning on going travelling for the honeymoon (whenever that might be..i like to dream), would SO love to do it in a VW! x

  8. Hi Pretty kitty managed to follow you afterall, I was looking for theothermousie feature, and found the VW pics, oh and I are trailing through the mags and websites at the mo, looking for a t4 or T25. We used to have a T2 before they were trendy,if you have any advice on good sellers, clubs any info would be greatly appreciated. We are making the change from our mobility car to a vw in November as the cars are either too small for my scooter or very ugly. So we are coming home to vw campers.

    love n light


  9. Yum to them all! i have a bug called Barney! very sad tho cos won't be able to drive him for much longer with no 4 on the way! hubby will adopt him tho! x