Monday, 18 May 2009

Party Bags!!

This week is my daughter's 5th Birthday and I have been busy trying to plan an old fashioned style party with a more homemade feel to it. I have been busy sewing 14 party bags and making peg doll kits to go inside...much to my partners horror...he thinks that plastic is all they want and he might be right but I still felt a need to do this. I am giving in and adding a couple of plastic toys but I am going to try to go for ore durable ones, like yoyo's.

My sewing leaves a lot to be desired.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday. x


  1. Don't give in! They will love the peg doll. Do they get the bag as well? I love that idea and will tell my daughter.


  2. They turned out so well! Makes me wish I was a child again, although I don't think I ever got a party bag that nice! xXx

  3. Great idea!! I bet because they are different to commercially produced party bags - they will go down a treat! You might even find you have started a new trend!!

  4. Great party bags! Am planning a children's party myself and am suitably inspired :-)

  5. Are you doing a tutorial with all the kids at the party or do they just take them home?
    If you've got the time(and the patience) to show them how to do it- we're looking at a fresh set of "Folksy Kiddy Crafters"
    Watch this space........

  6. Hahahaha I'm 5 months pregnant, I don't have the patience for anything :-)

  7. peg doll kits! amazing idea! x