Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Competition Competition!!

I have been thinking for a little while about running a competition. So here it is.

My very 1st competition is to come up with an idea that I can use next month for my 2nd ever competition. It has to be fun, slightly wacky but not too complicated as to put people off. The winner will be chosen at midday on 31st May by my mum, my sister and moi.

The winner will receive a gorgeous selection of vintage buttons. I promise I won't skimp!

The winning competition idea will be mine to use on this site the following month.

If you do not have a blogger account or any contact information on your account please go to my profile and email me your contact details. Thanks :-)


  1. I love buttons!! All colors all em:D Maybe next time you could ask people to tell you, where you could use buttons or things to sell with buttons on them..I can't explain my idea:D Example: you could make little pouches with buttons to close them etc. Hope you got my idea:D

  2. I love buttons too. Surprise, surprise...
    Only last week-end I got some lovely vintage ones. As if I didn't have a whole box of them already... But they are so great to create jewellery, finish unique clothing, or even make mainstream clothing unique (I do that a lot - replace ordinary buttons with colourful, mother-of-pearl ones...). I also use the lovely detailed ones to create texture on clay stuff.
    But anyway.
    What about asking people to create a piece, a bracelet, for instance (or a pendant, or a flower...), using only buttons of a certain colour. What would be the colour for June? White? Yellow? Pink? Silver?...
    So the project would e open but stimulating enough...

  3. How about setting up a Flickr group dedicated to button porn or button envy. People can post pics of their favourite button and then vote on the most wonderous - the button with the most comments wins. Ta Da.

    I had two old dears bitch about my buttons last week - tsk - it was funny though - I even blogged about it!

  4. I have just started using buttons on my cards (images to appear asap) I use them for car and pram wheels, heads of handmade ragdolls, and for a baby card called as cute as a button.

  5. Buttons?Did somebody mention buttons?FREE buttons? Giving them away buttons? Oooooooooooo I want them.
    I need them.
    If it wasn't for my monthly intake of buttons then I think I would probably end up becoming another "drone" going to work,watching tv,sleeping,going to work,watching tv, sleeping,going to......etc.
    They really are exciting.
    Where have they been?
    What have they been used on?
    How old are they?
    How the hell did they make them?
    Every time I get new(old) buttons I'm like a kid in a sweet shop.
    Anyways about your competition.
    Hows about asking people how much your prize will change their lives?The most outrageous/funny/ ridiculous/exciting answer voted by yourselves at the end of the month wins.
    It could just be a sentimental journey through the life of the button until finally it meets the loving hands of its new parents/guardians.How it feels it's been used and then discarded all it's life until the moment it's come into your caring hands..........

  6. "The remarkable life of "Benjamin"*(*add buttons name here) Button"
    But YOUR favorite buttons life and not Brad Pitt.
    And not necessarily backwards either.

  7. What about a 'fantasy recipe' for button lovers - would have to include lots of chocolate buttons of course.

  8. Howsabout this.....
    As the lovely name to your shop is "Here pretty kitty" have everyone make/design or simply draw a cat of their choice BUT the end piece MUST involve buttons in one way or another.
    Get people to post their results on your site and then get every applicant to vote on another persons piece at the end of the month.
    That way you get a true representation of what the followers of your Blog like and everyone gets involved.
    Lot's of different craft styles and media's will make your blog grow really quickly and it'll make it a surprise even for you log on and see something different everyday.

  9. What about a Coraline themed competition? The best button eye portrait? Button flowers? or creatures with button eyes? or something to do with buttons and keys like in the film?

    If you haven't seen it yet I throughly recommend it. I love how every little detail in the film has been handcrafted, and is tangible. Very good book too. Very good idea for a comp by the way, has really got me thinking! xXx

  10. MMMmmm, what an interesting idea!
    Now let me think?.........
    How about photographs of Buttons (yes buttons!) in the most unlikely place? Unusual situation where buttons can be found,accidental buttons?

    Mmmm, what do you think?