Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Drum Roll Please.....

My very first competition has ended and it was most enjoyable. The competition was to come up with my 2nd ever competition to run next month. Simples.

And the winner is............Jaime and Pete from Jamball

And this is the winning entry, so look out for next months competition

"Howsabout this..... As the lovely name to your shop is "Here pretty kitty" have everyone make/design or simply draw a cat of their choice BUT the end piece MUST involve buttons in one way or another. Get people to post their results on your site and then get every applicant to vote on another persons piece at the end of the month. That way you get a true representation of what the followers of your Blog like and everyone gets involved. Lot's of different craft styles and media's will make your blog grow really quickly and it'll make it a surprise even for you log on and see something different everyday."
And here's Jamball's prize. I hope you like it.

These will be winging their way to you.


  1. Bah humbug - and Pants - I have button envy - but well done to the winners Jamie and Pete x

  2. Thank you so very much miss Pretty Kitty.
    We both are quite obsessed with buttons as a I'm sure most people are.After all an obsession with buttons and button envy are both healthy attributes
    to the budding crafter and certainly nothing to be laughed at.(Though Pete gets a lot of strange looks at work when he asks his colleagues if they have any to spare)
    And I bet nifty thrifty can make a cool button cat.