Sunday, 2 November 2008

Oh Deer, Oh Deer, Oh Deer

So it's November already!! And what a cold and damp one it is too. I have been dreaming of those wonderful cold and crisp autumn days so I thought I would find some items from Etsy which made me feel autumnal. And here they are, what a dear lot.....Is that just a bit too corny or what?

This is from

I hope you like them all as much as I do. To me they are just so scrummy. They can all be found on Etsy.


  1. Are you kidding. This is wonderful! I love the deers. They are so cute. So the first on is a deer stamp right! I love that if it is... Very nice choices!!


  2. Some lovely stuff here! I'll be checking the sellers out!

  3. Hello! Thanks for buying one of my cards on eBay. It was you, right?